Our company launched in 2003 as a resource for empowering people through real estate and entrepreneur education, since then we have hosted countless events for our self and other organizations across the country. Today we are highly utilized as an outsource solution by companies that desire to be in the empowerment business, however don’t have the internal capacity or resources to fully impact this area, that’s where we come in…. Team2Excel and our ePros.   We have hand selected the absolute best and most dedicate empowerment people in the world.  To help us deliver various services to organizations, corporations and small enterprises that need help sustaining, building or expanding their business.  Services that include training, marketing strategies, team building and talent recruitment/development.  Our innovative out the box business model enables us to bring corporate level support to small and agile companies that normally would not be able to afford it.

About the Movement......The Teach a Man to Fish Movement is our initiative dedicated to solving the ongoing and fast changing workforce issues that we face globally.  Studies show that by 2020 over 60% of our workforce will be independent contractors (we consider this entrepreneurship).  But who’s training them?  Who’s supporting this NEW way of working?  How will they create retirement or stay motivated through tough times?  Most importantly, who will help them win and gain access to ongoing opportunities?  

We will….. Welcome to 2Excel Group, where we build businesses through empowering people

See you at the Top!

From the Desk of CEO and Founder, LaRick Calhoun, The Real Biz Coach



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